Portfolio – Mobile

My days of web development naturally led me into the world of mobile and apps, using both native and web based mobile platforms as my tools.

I’ve led the design and development of mobile apps for both Android and iOS, as well as the odd BB10 app (yes seriously!)

Skills & Experiences:
  • Experience developing and publishing mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Blackberry (yes, really!)
  • Extensive use of middleware solutions such as Phonegap, Cordova, and Titanium
  • Universal apps with fluid designs for both phone and tablets
  • Experience with enterprise deployment systems and practices. (key signing, provisioning, management)
  • Experience with App Analytics and reporting (platform specific)


L-3 WESCAM Company Overview

The showcase application of WESCAM’s sales team around the globe, the app featured image and video galleries as well as customer surveys and interactive demos. (iOS)



L-3 WESCAM MX-Series Mobile Apps

WESCAM’s operator training eLearning apps combined informational and interactive training for 6 MX-Series systems and over 60 apps in total.


GreenER Construction | KCI Trends | QuizIT IPV6

Apps for education, information, and resources. KCI Trends became a bi-monthly e-zine, while GreenER Construction and QuizIT IPV6 offered informational and interactive resources for the LEED and I.T. sectors.