Portfolio – Learning

Outside of my web and mobile domains, my work has included instructional and eLearning design and development. From internal online training, instructor led classroom training, to workbooks and technical manuals, my work has aided and trained thousands around the globe. 

Skills & Experiences:
  • Master of Adobe Flash Professional, Captivate and Connect platforms.
  • Experience with Halogen, Moodle, and TinCan API platforms.
  • Developed distributed eLearning and classroom course ware lesson plans. 


L-3 WESCAM MX-Series eLearning

Desktop and LMS based interactive eLearning covers every aspect of operating a WESCAM MX-Series system.

Customer and system specific for more than a dozen unique MX-Series configurations.


L-3 WESCAM Instructional Design

Various course ware from multiple projects, including product instructional guides, trainee course ware and corporate marketing course ware.

Course ware and Instructional Design

Course ware for Renascent Recovery centers, as well as the build guide for the mapleMaker open-source 3D printer, and MX-20HD Student work book.