Portfolio – Design

Creativity and design lies at the heart of all that I do, it influences every project that I'm involved with. Whether it be web, mobile, eLearning, or an annual report, trade show displays, handouts,or a brand identity, I aim to apply my unique creative talents to each and every project.

Skills & Experiences:
  • Extensive knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Suite/Cloud and staples such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat and Quark.
  • Experience with corporate identities, branding guidelines, print and digital pieces as well as large format and experiential design.


Brand Identities & Product Catalogs

KCI’s full page ad was used to announce their complete rebranding in 2010. Quarter page ad for Hamilton Waste Management announcing their Goldbox program. Rapid Tools’ annual catalog alongside Paris Dental’s sports team logo and WESCAM’S flight suite patch.


Annual Reports & Trade Show displays

WESCAM’s trade show banner and Advanced Operator flyer alongside the Kidney Foundation of Canada’s annual Galabration logo. 2009 annual report for Hamilton Economic Development. David Braley and evancameron identity concepts.

Circular Advertisements & Campaign petitions

Quarter page ads for Paris Dental Centre and Opera Hamilton. Full page petition for SlotsOfReasons. Lastly, WESCAM’s tri-fold training solutions brochure.


Logo Concepts & Brochures

Branding concept for shelter Phoenix Place. Leaflet celebrating Stewart Memorial Church’s 175 Anniversary. Quarter page ad for Opera Hamilton, alongside half page ad for Paris Dental Centre.