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 27_mapleMaker_350ME/ 2024-06-15 09:02 -  
 28_mapleMaker Experi..>2024-06-16 09:19 -  
 29_maple3D_PB_SimpleXY/2024-06-15 09:02 -  
 30_maple3D_deltaSARRUS/2024-06-15 09:02 -  
 31_maple3D_ADO16/ 2024-06-16 09:19 -  
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 maple3D_ADO21Mini_R2..>2021-10-28 23:03 99M 

Ryan Adams Industries // mapleMaker Development Release

This directory and its children contain the released, working and archived release of the mapleMaker series of 3D Printers. Additional projects not related to the primary goal of mapleMaker may be present as well.

Release early. Release often!

The files contained here may not be in a coherent organized fashion, and duplicates of several models, parts or pieces may exist. Users are encouraged to check the modified dates on each file to ensure they are viewing the most up-to-date release. While not every file here is in an open-source/libre supported format, we are working towards alternatives that will ensure any and all users can edit these files.

The primary projects include:

maplePrint Mini - This was the first release of the maplePrint, and can be considered a legacy release.

mapleMaker Mini V2 - The successor to the V1, this is the current stable, finished release. Additional provisions include the completed build guide.

mapleMaker Mini V3 - The 3rd version returns to the roots of the V1, and offers a smaller, simplified design. This is an working-status project and is currently incomplete.

mapleMaker DXL - Initial concept development work on a Rostock style variant, as well as a large Kossel derived printer using OpenBuilds C-Frame rails. This is an working-status project and is currently incomplete.

mapleMaker XLR - Printrbot style larger format printer. Design is mostly complete as-is, save for a proper electronics back-board. Design uses printed components along with Misumi extrusion, and acrylic frame panels. This is an working-status project and is currently incomplete.

mapleMaker cFrame - Design concept for a C-frame style printer using large 16mm linear rod and bearings. Currently archived with no set date for completion.

mapleMaker XY Series: The mapleMaker XY series represents several releases, these include:

maplePrint coreXY 8020 - The initial design concept of a large format coreXY printer using 80/20 extrusion. Currently Archived

mapleMaker RENEGADE 3D/RENEGADE 3D PRO - Extra large format coreXY printer using OpenBuilds V-Slot extrusion, and HIWIN linear rail systems. Finished, but archived.

mapleMaker RENEGADE 3D Mini - OpenBeam based small format coreXY printer. Mostly complete minus z-stage and electronics enclosure. Archived Status.

mapleMaker RENEGADE 3D R1 thru R7 - Current development platforms. Large format printers, with 350x350x500mm build volumes. Desings vary from using OpenBuilds frame and acrylic panels, to 80/20 open frame designs. Printers use igus DrylinW rails, 16mm linear rod, and HIWIN MGN12H linear rails. R7 represents current release, and can be considered complete and Released.

mapleMaker Experimental - Other releases not yet classified or completed.

projectWATCHDOG - Wide-area imaging micro platform. More information coming soon.

projectHELENA - Maker-inspired Notebook. More information coming soon.

mapleCARVE - CNC Router platform development, as well as traditional custom carving knives.

Build Guides/BOMs/Part Libraries may be included within each product family depending on release status. Check each family for additional resources and files.