mapleMaker Mini V2 Build Log

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Hi All,

I’m back at it again, after finishing off my first printed printer, I’m back at it on version 2, new, and greatly improved. My primary goal of this new printer design was to address some of the shortcomings found in my previous printer. The updates ultimately culminated in an entirely new printer design with the following features:

  • Enlarged build volume of 150x150x140mm (can technically be extended to 150x180x140)
  • Semi open frame design with the equal or better rigidity
  • Custom designed extruder with Hexagon hot end
  • Provisioning for upgrades such as auto bed levelling, heated bed and dual extruders
  • Improved mechanical design, linear rod mounts are larger, parts are reinforced
  • Fewer printable parts, hopeful goal being able to print all the required parts in 20 hours
  • All parts are smaller than 200x200mm, printable on most printers
  • Easier assembly, every component is easier to get to, build is broken into 3 sub assemblies which make up the entire printer
  • 300x200x250mm overall foot print, larger than the last printer, but still small enough for even the smallest of desks
  • ┬áRAMPS 1.4 electronics with LCD support, built in spool holder, optional carrying handles

Below is a few quick screen captures of the current design progress. The design is pretty close to complete, with only a few odds and ends remaining. I hope to begin printing frame components in the next few days, and as always will update my progress as I go!