mapleMaker Mini V2 Build Log 5

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Printing has progressed very well. I’m happy to report that all of the printed components for the printer are complete. Total print time was just over 30 hours, which in all honesty, is not as good as I hoped, but still very manageable. The first print was started last Monday, and the final part printed Sunday evening, keeping in mind, there was only a 4 hour print window each day.

I have a slight revision to the LCD panel mount as my original measurements were off, but aside from this, assembly will hopefully commence this week. I’m awaiting the mechanical bits, bearings, and electronics, but everything should be here by the end of the week.

The lower bed frame, looking much like a quad copter frame haha

The RAMPS enclosure printed in silver

The overall foot print of the printer compared to that of a 13″ MacBook. The printer is fairly compact given its printing volume, and isn’t a whole lot larger than my first design.

Lastly, one giant bag ‘o printed parts. That is almost every part for the printer in one, large zip lock bagĀ 

More updates on the way!