Extruders, Build Guides and more!

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A small update, the website is progressing well, as are several other printed kits. The printed build guides have arrived too! They look awesome! These guides will be included with the printed parts kits and full kits as well.

On the topic of kits, this whole project so far is a hobby for myself, something to keep me busy in between all my other hobbies. That being said, I’ve committed to delivering a small number of printed kits, and complete kits. I will also periodically be taking orders for more kits and parts. The reason for the limited release is that I’m trying to work within the confines of my own abilities and know roughly how much I can produce in a given time period. I’m not expecting to sell a thousand of these, nor could I produce that many kits in a timely fashion, I’m simply trying to produce this project to the best of my abilities. 

The first round of Beta kits will be available for order at the end of May. I’m currently looking to produce 10 kits for delivery around the end of July. Anyone interested can contact us via the website www.maplemakermedia.com or on Twitter @MiniMadRyan

One last little update. I’ve taken to re-designing the extruder slightly. The first iteration worked well, but was a bit of a challenge to source a spring of ample length and strength. The revised extruder is a sort-of mix-up between a direct drive extruder, and a Wade’s geared idler design. It’s much simpler in terms of hardware and assembly, and I hope it will work just as well. Testing on this new design will be done this week!