mapleMaker Mini V2 Build Log 9

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I forgot to mention that the printer has gone through a few revisions as well. The printer is now V2, Revision C.

  • Captured nuts on the Z axis to remove any lash
  • Extended supports on the extruder motor housing
  • Revised lower extruder base
  • 4 piece lower bed design, reduces printing time over a single piece, and fits into build volume of printer
  • Increased build volume to 176x160x150mm
  • Revised spool holder with filament guide
  • Lower and upper frame assemblies revised to include mounting fixtures for future upgrades
  • Reduced overall lower and upper frame foot prints by 4mm
  • The rear of the frame will also include mounting points for future additions/upgrades:
    • Second spool holder mount
    • Large electronics enclosure to accommodate RUMBA/Azteeg controllers or a RaspberryPi and RAMPS 1.4 combination
    • Bowden Dual extruder configuration (this isolates the extruders from the moving platforms via a Bowden connection and PFTE tubing
    • Future camera mount for RaspberryPi camera/wireless printing
  • The upper and lower frames have also be designed to accept cosmetic feet and an upper carrying handles
  • The extruder carriage has been re-designed to accept a micro servo with micro-switch for auto bed leveling

Overall, while no one part is significantly different from the initial design, all of the small changes make the printer more robust, capable and expandable, without having to replace or upgrade components in the future.